Monday, May 19, 2008

Mini TexasWAX meetup

Deanna in Gwen's studio

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Houston to switch out some artwork at Koelsch Gallery, and I stayed with Gwen Plunkett while I was there.

We had a lovely time visiting and she was nice enough to schlep me all over Houston.

Sharon Kyle-Kuhn drove from Austin and met us and we visited the Menil, The Cy Twombly Gallery, The Rothko Chapel, and the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum. We all got together at Cynthia Robertson's home with some other members of the TexasWAX/Houston group - Julia Koivumaa and Suzanne Shield-Polk.

We discussed possible future group exhibitions and everyone seemed to like the idea of having a group show (combined Houston/Dallas/Austin members) at Sharon's Bay6 Gallery in Austin in March of 2009.

We decided on the theme of "Degrees," with each artist creating a piece interpreting that theme in some way. We also want to get someone to curate or jury the show. We're working on the details of that now.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Gwen and meeting Sharon, Julia, Cynthia, and Suzanne. And it always amazes me how much art there is in Houston... I just wish my camera hadn't decided to delete all the pictures that I took there! Gwen's camera was being weird, too, and the picture above is the only photographic evidence that remains of the trip.

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