Sunday, November 30, 2008

Encaustic art by Shawna Moore

Gwen sent me a link to this wonderful video that documents artist Shawna Moore's encaustic painting process:

It's interesting to watch her work.

From her artist's statement:
In recent years, the ancient method of encaustic painting is Moore's medium of choice. This unique and dynamic technique incorporates pigmented bee's wax, which is heated, re-worked, etched or scuffed to achieve dimensional depth. As each layer cools, another can be applied, resulting in a radiant and complex terrain of light, color and texture.
You can see more on her website.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More CCD information

Thanks to Laura Tyler for the link to this article on - Colonies in collapse: What's causing massive honeybee die-offs?

Here's the hopeful conclusion:

“Big agriculture is not going to easily change, but we’re beginning to see people become interested in locally grown, locally consumed food, with less pesticide. I think there’s a tremendous move in the direction of sustainable agriculture, and the bee situation is only going to help push this forward.”

I'm optimistic that the change of administration is going to help our environment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 16 meeting

Trayc in her beautiful new studio space.

Once again we had a fabulous meeting with a great turnout. We met at Trayc's ginormous and wonderful new studio space in Deep Ellum.

Attendees were: Deanna Wood, Janet Reynolds, Junanne Peck, Franzi Bader, Nancy Lea, Silvia Thornton, Trayc Claybrook, Peggy Epner, Mary Wright, Mirtha Aertker, Vet

New members: Linda Disosway, Antoaneta Melnikova-Hillman, Rhonda Daniel, Ivonne Acero, and Laura Griffin

(apologies to anyone I missed)

left to right: Deanna, Janet, Trayc, Peggy, Rhonda, Mary, Laura

left to right: Trayc, Silvia, Nancy, Antoaneta, Deanna

left to right: Rhonda, Ivonne, Mirtha, Franzi, Vet

Degrees -
The prospectus will be sent out soon. This is the all TexasWAX show that will be at M2 Gallery in Houston in May. Theme is "Degrees." Interpret that however you'd like. More info in the prospectus.

Global Swarming -
The presentation/panel at the MAC went really well. Brandon and Susan Pollard of the Texas Honeybee Guild were fabulous. We had a great turnout and Liliana, the director of the MAC was very pleased.

An artist friend of mine sent me this comment in an email: "I heard the talk at the MAC was amazing. One of the art classes I attend for the Contemporary went to hear it and said it was very interesting. I am sorry I missed it."

Here's the presentation that I gave. I showed examples of artists who are exploring colony collapse disorder or honeybees in some way:

Mourningthe Bees
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: beeswax encaustic)

Janet is putting together a proposal for Global Swarming at the Texas Discovery Gardens next fall. Please email her your bio, resume, and a jpg of something that is representative of your work. The artwork is not being committed to the exhibit, they just want to see our work.

There's a possibility that we will do something at the same time at the MAC and possibly even the Bath House.

Some Like It Hot, Port Arthur -
Junanne reported that the show looks great. She will be bringing the work back to her house in Fort Worth after December 1st. We can pick up our work from her at our next meeting on December 14. If you need it sooner, contact Junanne to arrange to get it from her.

Janet brought information on a cabinet maker that she knows that is wanting to create some cradled panels for us. She is taking back some suggestions on sizes and prices and she'll get back with us.

New Mexico Wax -
Junanne shared an email that she'd received from Harriette Tsosie in New Mexico. She's founded New Mexico Wax! She said that she'd like to organize a regional show for Texas and New Mexico in the future. Exciting!

Our new member, Antoaneta, bravely asked for a critique of her first encaustic piece in progress.

Silvia talked about her show at The Haley-Henman Gallery in Dallas.

Junanne worked with a group of kids who created 80 canvasses for the Barney's windows at Northpark Mall.

Ivonne shared her experience as a resident artist at La Reunion a couple of weeks ago. She did encaustic with a group of girls. She said that there's a good possibility that our group could do something with them.

Vet will be teaching a class at Ghost Ranch next summer. Congratulations, Vet!

Linda suggested that we try to get a tent at the Spring Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum on March 21 & 22 next year. She's going to check on the deadlines and application information.

Please send any member info (shows, awards, etc) to me or Janet and we'll post it on the blog.

Next meeting:
December 14
1-3 pm
Junanne's place in Fort Worth

Bring a small handmade gift for a gift exchange.

Susan's new little friend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Like It Hot - Port Arthur

Thanks to our wonderful members, Junanne Peck and Darlyne Hartman, our Some Like It Hot exhibition traveled to Port Arthur, Texas. It opened this weekend at the Texas Artist's Museum.

The members of TexasWAX/Houston also participated, and Gwen Plunkett did an encaustic painting demonstration during the opening.

It sounds like the reception was a great success, and the work looks fabulous. (I'm going to work on putting names with all the images below.) Thanks to Gwen for the photos.

Thanks again to everyone who helped put this together. I'm continually amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of this group!



Sandy Trevino-Wigley, Interim Executive Director

Choral group from Lamar

Franziska Bader

Silvia Thornton

Elaine Thuene

Peggy Epner, Carmen Menza

Peggy Epner, Carmen Menza

Charlotte Cornett

Carolyn Fox-Hearne

Carolyn Fox-Hearne



Diane reader Dorn

Franziska Bader

Brett Dyer

Susan Crowson, Linda Walker

Susan Crowson

Diane reader Dorn, Franziska Bader, Susan Crowson, Linda Walker

Diane reader Dorn

Top: Robin Walker Lower: Larry C. Kitchen

Trayc Claybrook

Mirtha Aertker

Trayc Claybrook

Trayc Claybrook

Trayc Claybrook

Junanne Peck

Janet Reynolds

Brett Dyer

Diane reader Dorn

Larry C. Kitchen, Brett Dyer

Junanne Peck

Deanna Wood

Cheryl McClure

Julia Koivumaa, Gwen Plunkett, Julia Kiovumaa

Gwen Plunkett, Julia Kiovumaa

Gwen Plunkett, Julia Kiovumaa

Julia Koivumaa

Linda Walker

Julia Kiovumaa, Nancy Lea,

Julia Kiovumaa

Julia Kiovumaa

Deanna Wood

Deanna Wood

Ivonne Acero

Elaine Theune

Suzanne Shield-Polk

The show closes on November 28, so if you're in the area, please check it out!