Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meeting minutes - April 19, 2009

We met at The Encaustic Center in Richardson.

Present were: Peggy Epner, Diane Dorn, Mary Wright, VET, Trayc Claybrook, Janet Reynolds, Charlotte Cornett, Silvia Thornton, Junanne Peck, Patty Rooney, Michelle Pryor, Juliana Robles, Cheryl McClure, Carolyn Fox-Hearne, Bibi Gill, Ivonne Acero, Bonny Leibowitz, and Deanna Wood.

We collected the work for the Degrees show in Houston. Deanna is going to deliver it to the gallery on Sunday, May 3rd.

Each exhibiting artist is responsible for $3 for the postcards and $15 for food. Deanna collected the postcard money and some food money, since the finalized food cost wasn't known at the time.

The opening exhibit for Degrees is Saturday, May 9th at Gallery M Squared. I hope everybody can make it to Houston!

VET talked about Melt Down, the Art Hotel show coming up this summer. She'll send more info soon, but this is the preliminary info:
The show will be in July at the Art Hotel, 1112 S. Akard, Dallas.
Bring artwork to the June meeting that VET is hosting at the Art Hotel.
VET or the gallery owner will curate from images (more info to come).
She's going to work on setting up a workshop to tie in to the show.
The show will be up for a month.
Each person can probably have 3 or 4 pieces.

Deanna proposed Brett's idea to have a group show at the TCC Southeast Campus gallery. There's a large space and it can accommodate work from many of our past shows. He wants the theme to be encaustic materials and methods and suggested that we come up with a name that's descriptive fo that idea. So we brainstormed some names and decided to give them to Brett to decide the final one.

Update: Brett decided on a title - Encaustic Methods: TexasWAX/Dallas

He'll have dates and more info soon.

Janet reported on the Global Swarming show at the Texas Discovery Gardens. She's going to meet with them soon and will send out more information. Patty was going to contact someone she knows to get a quote on hexagon panels.

Carolyn is looking at the gallery schedule at Kilgore College and will try to get us a group show there. Possibly in December, but she'll get back to us with more info.

Charlotte reported on the New Mexico Wax show that she saw in Santa Fe. She said that the group there would like to have a show with us as well.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 24, at Ivonne Acero's studio - 3116 Commerce St, Suite E, Dallas.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Charlotte Cornett sent images of the Waning and Waxing show at the Zane Bennett Gallery in Santa Fe. Enjoy!

Charlotte (left) with Martha Baker and the 2 paintings that Martha had in the show.