Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some Like It Hot

Please join us for one hot art show!

Some Like It Hot!
Art by the members of TexasWAX/Dallas

Curated by Janet Reynolds

Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas

August 30 - September 27, 2008

Reception: August 30, 7-9 pm

Encaustic Demos: September 13, 2-5 pm
In conjunction with the DADA art walk

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 20, 2008 Meeting

We met at Janet Reynolds' beautiful new home.

In attendance: Deanna Wood, Mary Wright, Silvia Thornton, Charlotte Cornett, Junanne Peck, Trayc Claybrook, Janet Reynolds, Carmen Menza, and Mirtha Aertker

Joan Hart attended to find out about the group and Janet's friend Mar was also visiting.

We discussed the upcoming TexasWAX/Dallas show at the Bath House Cultural Center. We had decided on the title Some Like it Hot. Appropriate for Texas in August...

Important dates:
Sunday, July 27 - Janet needs your RSVP if you would like to be in the show. Send her up to 3 jpg images (72 dpi) with all the pertinent information (title, size, media, etc.) Ideally the work will have been completed within the last year. Work that you exhibited in our first show in February is acceptable. The only criteria is that it have wax in it in some way. The images can be of work in progress.

Sunday, August 24, 11am-1pm - drop off work at the Bath House

Saturday, August 30, 7-9pm - opening reception

Saturday, September 13, 2-4pm - encaustic demos in conjunction with DADA's fall gallery walk

Saturday, September 27 - show closes

Sunday, September 28, 11am-1pm - pick up work at the Bath House

Our show is in conjunction with a show of women printmakers. Janet will contact them to find out if they will be serving alcohol during the reception (the Bath House has rules about serving alcohol and we'd like to just kind of piggy back on their setup if they're doing it).

The Bath House will handle press for the event. They don't do postcards any more, but I said that I would be willing to design a small jpg image that can be emailed with all the info. So I'll get that out to everyone soon.

fyi - the url for the Bath House is

I announced that Trayc and I will have a show in Denton at the Center for Visual Arts - Waxy Buildup: Cleaning House. The opening reception is Sunday, August 17.

We had an informal swap of some art supplies and other materials.

We talked a little about a possible theme for a future show dealing with the environment and the decline of the bees.

We also mentioned a possible retreat and I said I would check with Sharon in Austin. She's working on something for all 3 groups.

Then we watched the dvd Sister Bee, a short documentary about beekeeping. I met the filmmaker, Laura Tyler at the encaustic conference this year. She's also an artist who works in encaustic. Here's her blog, in case you're interested in checking out her work:

Next meeting - Sunday, August 24, immediately following the drop off at the Bath House. Janet will find out if we can meet at the Bath House. If not, we can meet at her house again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Next meeting July 20

Hope you can join us for the next TexasWAX/Dallas meeting!

July 20
Janet's studio in Dallas

Bring art for discussion and/or materials to exchange. We will be finalizing plans for the August show at the Bath House. Reminder: the people who attend meetings make decisions.

June 22 meeting

The meeting was held on Sunday, June 22 at Silvia Thornton's studio in Lakewood. In attendance were Silvia, Janet Reynolds, Vet, Robin Walker, and new member Mirtha Aertker who is a sculptor.

Janet announced that she has heard from Enrique at the Bath House in regards to our proposal for having a show there. Apparently we made it to the short list, but in an auspicious turn of events they had a group cancel, and we were asked to take the time slot. Janet spoke for all of us when she said YES! Consequently, Texas Wax Dallas has a show scheduled at the Bath House late August through Sept 2008. Dates and specifics will be furnished by Janet. What we know is that our show will run concurrently with a Women Printmaker's show. We need to name our exhibition, and it would be good to coordinate with the print show. Again, Janet will give us the details as soon as she finds out. In addition, we will soon need a decision on how many of our members will be participating in the show, and then determine how many pieces each exhibiting member will show.

In addition to the show itself, we talked about including a day-long demonstration of wax techniques by our members, via work stations set up in the space. Again, we agreed it would be best to see what the printmakers have scheduled in order to coordinate events to draw a larger crowd.

We also discussed the possibility of mounting a show at the MAC. Silvia said that she talked to the director there who seemed interested in our work. We spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas for this -- including ways to tie in our work with the environment, specifically the declining bee population worldwide. Janet has a contact who is a beekeeper - we could bring him in for a talk. Again, we agreed it was a good idea to provide some community outreach in the form of a demonstration and/or artist's talk.

Another idea: We discussed bringing unwanted (but perfectly good) art materials to our meetings for a "materials exchange". We all have items in our studios that we don't use or need, and this is a good way to recycle.

I have a guy who makes custom boxes for me. With his permission I am sharing his contact information: Brian 214-821-5430

Next Meeting: July 20, 2008 at Janet Reynolds, 8910 San Leandro, Dallas, 75218 from 1-3 pm. Bring art for discussion and/or materials to exchange. We will be finalizing plans for the August show at the Bath House. Reminder: the people who attend meetings make decisions. See you there!

Submitted by:
Robin Ann Walker