Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Encaustic Show Prospectus

Call for Submissions

Fifth Annual Encaustic Exhibition – March 2010

Conrad Wilde Gallery is reviewing submissions from artists working in the encaustic medium for inclusion in our Fifth Annual Encaustic Invitational to be held March, 6th 2010 through March 27th 2010.

• All 2D and 3D work that is hot wax-based is eligible.
• All work must be ready-to-exhibit with appropriate hardware.
• All works submitted must be available for sale.
• Any framed work that is accepted, frames must be approved by curator prior to delivery.
• All works submitted must be consistent with our selection criteria as described in our “General Call for Submissions” at the following website address: www.conradwildegallery.com/submissions.html

Submission Instructions

• Include 5-10 images of eligible work on CD Rom (4x6 jpeg 350dpi). Include detail images when helpful. Please include pictures of framing if applicable.
• Include image list identifying all images. Indicate: Artist Name, Date, Title, Medium, and Price.
• Include Artist Statement and Resume.
• A $35 non-refundable submission fee.
• Complete submission packages should be delivered or mailed to Conrad Wilde Gallery, Attn: 5th Annual Encaustic Invitational.
• All submissions must be received no later than October 25, 2009.
• Questions may be addressed to Elizabeth@conradwildegallery.com. Please, no phone calls.
• Email submissions are not accepted.

Submission Guidelines
Under no circumstances will the gallery accept walk-in appointments, give live portfolio reviews, or accept original artworks during the initial submission review process. At the gallery’s discretion, a secondary review process may involve a studio visit or portfolio review (by appointment) after the gallery has reviewed the complete submission package.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Encaustic Show Prospectus

I'm passing along a propectus for a juried show at the Grosse Pointe, Michigan Art Center for encaustic artists.
Click here for the Prospectus pdf.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 19, 2009 Meeting Minutes

7/19/09 meeting minutes

Mary Wright
Deanna Wood
Teri Lueders
Silvia Thornton
Rhonda Daniel
Karen Chaussabel
Brett Dyer
Junanne Peck
Nancy Ferro
Robin Walker
Charlotte Cornett
Peggy Epner
Denise Spillane

Encaustic Methods: TexasWAX/Dallas
Brett brought information about the Encaustic Methods: TexasWAX/Dallas exhibit at Tarrant County College.

Brett took some of the work and will get more at the closing of the Meltdown exhibit at the Art Hotel.

They will install at TCC on 8/11, most likely in the evening. If you’d like to help, email Brett at western26 at msn.com

Also email Brett your resume and statement, and let him know if you need him to pick up your work from the Art Hotel.

New statewide Texas Wax group
Become a member by August 15 in order to keep your link on the texaswax.com website. If you don’t have a link there, when you join your link will be added.

You can join online here:

Plano Art Centre
Charlotte mentioned that she’d spoken to someone at the Plano Art Centre and they wanted us to exhibit and Deanna had, too. Deanna sent in a proposal for the group requesting the April 9 – May 8, 2010 slot in their large gallery.

They provide postcards up to a certain quantity and we can pay for extras if we want.

They also provide food and beverage for the reception.

They take a 25% commission on sales.

They hang the show but we can have it curated or juried if we want.

They say there’s no fee for using the space, but they do have a hanging and lighting fee and they say it usually stays below $300.

Following prospectus
There was discussion about confusion over some of the guidelines for exhibitions. Please read and follow the prospectus that is provided.

Global Swarming
Remember that August 1 is the deadline to send your jpgs to Janet. The prospectus is available on the files section of the Google group site.

(If you can’t access the Google group, then you might need to set up a Google account. If you still have problems, contact Deanna at deanna.wood at verizon.net.)

Janet is trying to set up something that would be at the MAC during the exhibition.

Collaboration exhibit at Art Hotel
To accommodate some of the collaborative pieces, Janet is talking with Joanna at Art Hotel to have an exhibition in October of the collaborative work that fits the Global Swarming theme.

Members in shows
Silvia Thornton has work at Haley Henman.

Mary Wright and Patty Rooney have work in the VAST 125-Mile Exhibition at TWU in Denton. And Mary’s piece won an award.

Deanna Wood and Trayc Claybrook will have some of their Waxy Buildup work in a show called Women’s Work…? at the Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA.

Junanne Peck has work in the TVAA show in Dallas and D├ęcor in North Dallas.

Next meeting
Sunday, August 16, 1-3 pm at Patty Rooney’s – 8035 Nimrod Trail, Dallas

note: Dallas blog
If your name is not listed on the list on the right and you would like it to be, please email Deanna at deanna.wood at verizon.net and she’ll add you. If you have a website or blog that you’d like to link to, include that, too.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meltdown @ The Art Hotel Gallery

Tonight we had a great turn out at the Meltdown opening at The Art Hotel Gallery. Thank you Johanna for such a wonderful space. Join us again for the closing reception on August 8, 2009.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sharon Kyle-Kuhn to visit from Austin

Sharon Kyle-Kuhn will be speaking to the members of Texas Wax Dallas about some of the changes happening due to the non-profit status of the group. She will answer your questions and address your concerns about the changes.

Please join us at The Encaustic Center on Sunday, July 12 at 2:00 pm.

580 W. Arapaho #271
Richardson, TX 75080
map and directions

Sunday, July 5, 2009

June 18 meeting minutes

Meeting held of the Arthotel Gallery, Dallas.

Artwork for show current show delivered.

A large portion of the meeting was devoted to the future of our Texas Wax Dallas group. Ivonne Acero attended a meeting June 18 in Austin with the Austin Wax group. They have developed an infrastructure that covers their mission, organizational charting, non-profit status and registration of the Texas Wax name. We (Dallas) have been offered the opportunity to join with the Austin group with some of the following benefits: executive committee seats, new chapter status, annual group show, fund raising opportunities, web presence, workshops, liability insurance and annual $35 dues.

There was much discussion of the Dallas benefit packet, obligations, levels of participation, value of $35 fee and distribution of funds collected. Also questions on use of name with or without joining, and impact of individual support of state wide groups. There was an informal vote and overall agreement to join the Austin group, but to get more information about specific structure and benefits.

Ivonne collected questions that were raised and will be send then to Sharon for review and response. It was requested that she come to Dallas and meet with the Dallas group.

Global Swarming show details and clarification discussed. Collaborative pieces count as 1 piece for each artist that creates artwork. Hexagon shapes not mandatory. Art work submitted should reflect theme of the show.

Brett announced and handed out information regarding upcoming Tarrant County show in August. Artwork to be delivered at our next meeting Sunday, July 19 at the Encaustic Center, Richardson.

Notes submitted by VET, June 28, 2009

update: Sharon Kyle-Kuhn from the Austin group will be at The Encaustic Center on Sunday, July 12 at 2:00 pm to talk to the group about any questions or concerns over the changes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meltdown Exhibit Dallas

You're invited to come to by the Meltdown exhibit presented by the Art Hotel Gallery, 1112 S. Akard - Dallas, TX.