Sunday, July 5, 2009

June 18 meeting minutes

Meeting held of the Arthotel Gallery, Dallas.

Artwork for show current show delivered.

A large portion of the meeting was devoted to the future of our Texas Wax Dallas group. Ivonne Acero attended a meeting June 18 in Austin with the Austin Wax group. They have developed an infrastructure that covers their mission, organizational charting, non-profit status and registration of the Texas Wax name. We (Dallas) have been offered the opportunity to join with the Austin group with some of the following benefits: executive committee seats, new chapter status, annual group show, fund raising opportunities, web presence, workshops, liability insurance and annual $35 dues.

There was much discussion of the Dallas benefit packet, obligations, levels of participation, value of $35 fee and distribution of funds collected. Also questions on use of name with or without joining, and impact of individual support of state wide groups. There was an informal vote and overall agreement to join the Austin group, but to get more information about specific structure and benefits.

Ivonne collected questions that were raised and will be send then to Sharon for review and response. It was requested that she come to Dallas and meet with the Dallas group.

Global Swarming show details and clarification discussed. Collaborative pieces count as 1 piece for each artist that creates artwork. Hexagon shapes not mandatory. Art work submitted should reflect theme of the show.

Brett announced and handed out information regarding upcoming Tarrant County show in August. Artwork to be delivered at our next meeting Sunday, July 19 at the Encaustic Center, Richardson.

Notes submitted by VET, June 28, 2009

update: Sharon Kyle-Kuhn from the Austin group will be at The Encaustic Center on Sunday, July 12 at 2:00 pm to talk to the group about any questions or concerns over the changes.

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