Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 24, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Ivonne for hosting the meeting and for taking minutes!

Meeting started at 1:30 after most of the attendees arrived. Members present were Teri Lueders, Ivonne Acero, Peggy Epner, Silvia Thornton, Diane Dorn, Linda Disosway, Juliana Robles, Mary White, Karen Chaussabel, Michelle Pryor, Deanna Wood, Patty Rooney, Junanne Peck, Susan Sponsler, Rhonda Daniel, VET.

After each member introduction VET took the floor to talk and give details about the next show in the agenda, Melt Down at the Art Hotel Gallery. She walked us through a hand-out with dates and specifics about the show. Deadline is June 14th; VET will be doing a Calendar update. Please refer to it for specific dates and details.

Next we talked about the Degrees show in Houston. Deanna did not accept any reimbursement, but asked if somebody could pick and pack the show to bring it to Dallas. Diane Dorn will get back to us to see if she can do it. If you think you can pick up the show this coming Sunday May 31st at 4:00 pm, please contact Deanna Wood.

Deanna Wood made a request about someone from our group to meet with representatives from the other groups in Austin on June 18. The meeting will be about the future of TexasWAX as a whole, including non-profit status. Ivonne Acero offered herself, she will be checking her calendar and getting back to Deanna. If you would like to attend, please talk to Deanna. Becoming a non-profit will be very beneficial for us for grants, scholarships, money to go to conventions, education, etc.

Next we talked about the show that Brett organized for us at Tarrant County College, Encaustic Methods- TexasWAX/Dallas. Since Brett was absent, Deanna and VET went ahead and gave the details. Sept 10th and 11th is the installation and you can deliver your pieces either at the July meeting or coordinate with Brett for delivery. We also spoke about whether it would be nice to have demonstrations and/or a talk for students. The reception is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 3, at 4:00 pm.

Next we talk about Janet Reynolds’ “ Global Swarming." There are two different openings one at the state fair: Opens Sept 4th and delivery of artwork is August 1st. There will be a second opening September 12 & 13. Please refer to calendar.

And last but not least we spoke about the Kilgore College show. Delivery of artwork is Oct 29th and opens in November 2nd.

As you see there is a lot going on. Next meeting will be at the Art Hotel, 1112 S. Akard
Dallas, TX 75215. We will deliver our artwork for the Melt Down show at that time.

Here's the updated calendar of events that VET put together (thanks, VET!):

TEXAS WAX CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2009 (still being finalized)
Date Event/Activity
June 6 Encaustic workshop for Meltdown Exhibit

June 14 Deadline for Meltdown Exhibit

June 28 Group Meeting @ Art Hotel, Dallas; Deliver artwork

_______* Deadline for Encaustic Methods Exhibit

July 11 Reception Meltdown Exhibit @Art Hotel, Dallas

July 19 Group Meeting @ Encaustic Center, Richardson: Deliver artwork for Encaustic Methods

August 1 Deadline Global Swarming Exhibit

August 8 Closing Meltdown Exhibit, pickup artwork

August 10 Install Encaustic Methods: Texas WAX/Dallas @ Tarrant County College

August 16 Group Meeting @ Patty Rooney’s

August 28 Deliver artwork for Global Swarming @ Texas Discover Gallery

Sept 3 Reception Encaustic Methods: Texas WAX/Dallas, Tarrant County

Sept 4 Reception Global Swarming Exhibit opening, Texas Discover Gardens

Sept 12 & 13 Grand Opening Art & Butterfly House

Sept 20 Group Meeting – Texas Discover Gardens

________* Encaustic Methods closes; pickup artwork

________* Deadline for Kilgore Exhibit

October 18 Group Meeting – TBA

October 29 Deliver Artwork @ Kilgore College

October 30 Reception @ Kilgore College

November 15 Group Meeting – TBA

December 10 Kilgore Exhibit closes; pickup artwork

December 20 Group Meeting – TBA

January 3 Global Swarming closes; pickup artwork

Monday, May 11, 2009

More °degrees° photos

Tasty food!

Trayc Claybrook (Dallas)

lto r - Junanne Peck, Ivonne Acero (Dallas)

Ivonne Acer0 (Dallas)

l to r - Bonnie Leibowitz, Antoanetta Hillman (Dallas)

l to r - Janet Reynolds, VET, Juliana Robles - (Dallas)


more mingling

Peggy Epner's piece (center)

Denise Stringer-Davis (Houston)

Deanna Wood (Dallas)

(left) Patty Rooney (Dallas)

Julia Koivumaa (Houston)

(left) Brett Dyer (Dallas)


The weather was not the only thing that was hot in Houston this weekend. Saturday evening, May 9th, from 7-9 pm, the M² Gallery was filled with patrons and artists visiting and viewing the texasWAX exhibition entitled °degrees°. The exhibit featured artists from all of the texasWAX groups: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Thank you to the M² Gallery for such a lovely space and reception. The exhibition will be on view until May 31st. For more information: http://www.m2-houston.com/

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Working In Wax show

Meltdown of the American Dream



The "Working in Wax" show, a national juried show opens at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA on May 3, which is today. It will be up through June 21. Eileen P. Goldenberg was the juror for the show.

Texas Wax-Dallas member, Carolyn Fox-Hearne, has three pieces in this prestigious show. Congratulations, Carolyn on representing us so well. Some members of other chapters of TX are also included, but I do not have a listing currently.

The list has been published on the Bedford Gallery's website.

Other TexasWAX members that got in the show are Julia Koivumaa (Houston), Sharon Kyle Kuhn (Austin), and Marilyn Fenn (Austin). Congratulations!