Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Members of TexasWAX/Dallas

back row, left to right: Janet Reynolds, Darlyne Hartman, Kathy Lovas, Susan Sponsler Carstarphen, Silvia Thornton, Trayc Claybrook
front row, left to right: Deanna Wood, Junanne Peck, Pedrameh Manoochehri

These are the artists who attended the first meeting of TexasWAX/Dallas at Janet Reynolds' lovely home.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The birth of TexasWAX/Dallas

Thanks to prompting from Gwen Plunkett in Houston, the local (Dallas area) encaustic group is born!

So far, we are:
Deanna Wood
Cheryl McClure
Trayc Claybrook
Charlotte Cornett
Vidya Kagal
Junanne Peck
Janet Reynolds
Silvia Thornton
Robin Walker
Susan Sponsler Carstarphen
Fran Strebel
Pedrameh Manoochehri
Darlyne Hartman

We will be loosely affiliated with Gwen's TexasWAX/Houston group.

We're currently looking for some exhibition space in Dallas during the CAA conference so our groups can show together.

More info to come soon!