Sunday, May 18, 2008

April meeting

Diane and Junanne

Wow. I swear that I blogged about our April meeting. Guess not...

So here's what happened:
We had a wonderful meeting at Junanne's studio in Fort Worth. Her home and studio are quite lovely. Even with golfers peeing in the woods. :-)

Vet, Junanne, and Diane

We spent most of the time making etchings on Plexiglas. Junanne walked us through the process and everyone made a great print.

Members present: Junanne Peck, Deanna Wood, Shelly Thompson, Diane Dorn, Vidya Kagal, Silvia Thornton, and Junanne's friend and possible new member, Vet.

Shelly, Vidya, Junanne, and Diane

We had a very short meeting and talked about possible exhibitions. Gwen has submitted a proposal in Houston, Sharon is working on getting the Austin group together and has possible exhibition space there, and we're waiting on the response from the BathHouse in Dallas.

the finished prints

Junanne and I will work together to come up with a generic proposal for the Dallas group that will be available to everyone to print out and submit to different venues.

As we left, Vet, who creates work with recycled materials, unloaded, I mean, donated a bunch of stuff to us - rocks, paper (no scissors!), black fuzzy folders... All kinds of good stuff.

Shelly displaying her beautiful print

Vidya and Diane

Thanks, Junanne, for hosting the meeting!

Our next meeting is set for May 18, 1-3 at my studio.

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