Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 18, 2008 meeting

Members in attendance:
Junanne Peck, Mary Wright, Silvia Thornton, Vet, Diane Dorn, and Deanna Wood.

We gathered at Deanna's studio for a meeting and for some encaustic monotype fun.

I did a demo of the little that I know about monotypes, and Junanne showed a method that she had developed. Then everyone worked on a few experimental monotypes of their own.

Junanne announced that she sent a proposal to the Texas Artist's Museum in Port Arthur.

More discussion on creating a uniform proposal. I said I would edit the existing list that Janet had created for the Bath House proposal. I did, and it's on our Google Group site, under Files. It's a pdf file called "texas_wax_dallas_image_list.pdf" and there is also a zip file that includes everyone's resumes and statements, called "" Feel free to use these to submit a group proposal should you come across a call that looks promising.

I need to get resumes and statements from our new members, so please email them to me and I'll get them added to our proposal information.

I reported on my trip to Houston where I met with Sharon Kyle-Kuhn from TexasWAX/Austin, and Gwen Plunkett and some other members from TexasWAX/Houston. We brainstormed about possible future exhibitions for the combined group and came up with this:
We will have a members' juried or curated show in March of 2009. Sharon will offer her gallery as the venue for the show. The theme will be "Degrees," and each artist will submit work that somehow interprets that theme. Sharon, Gwen, and I are still working on the details.

We had some discussion in our group about the size requirements for this show. Sharon, Gwen, and I had thought we might require 24" x 24" but the Houston group thought that was too much like "box shows" that are popular now (where all works are 12" x 12", for example). We proposed possibly just limiting the size to 96 square inches.

In our meeting, Silvia suggested creating work on "degrees" of that size - either 6" x 6", or 12" x 12", or 18" x 18", or 24" x 24".

So we'll figure that out. For now, just be thinking about "Degrees" and how you'll interpret it.

Sharon Kyle-Kuhn and her husband have created a forum for discussion and sharing information on Texas encaustic happenings. Be sure to check out the TexasWAX forum.

The International Encaustic Artists have 2 calls for entries listed on their website that are open to encaustic art.

I'll be heading to the Second National Encaustic Painting Conference in Massachusetts in June. I'll bring back lots of information to share with everyone!

The next meeting will be at Silvia's on June 22nd, from 1-3 pm.

Photos from the meeting:




Junanne demonstrating her method

Junanne demonstrating her method

Junanne demonstrating her method

finished piece on the left, "plate" on the right

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